BVWS Bulletin Volume 24, Number 4 (Winter 1999)

BVWS BulletinVolume 24, Number 4 (Winter 1999)

Front and back covers:  Various Scott and McMurdo Silver wirelesses plus a Midwest

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 A Radio Amateur and a Handful of Wichety Grubs
David Read
Including a brief account of the contribution by radio amateurs to the development of radio from the London Wireless Club to the formation of the BBC
7 The Clydelco Crystal Set
Mike Field
8 The Dincan Neale Collection
David Read
An appreciation of Duncan and auction report of the sale at Dreweatt Neate's saletooms
10 National Vintage Communications Fair 24th October 1999
photos by Jonathan Hill
11 My Wind-Up Wireless
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
The Schneider Turny
12 Marconi Osram Valve - extracts from "The Saga of Marconi Osram Valves" part 1
Barry Wyse
From the beginning, the story up to 1919
22 Great Scotts!
photos by Carl Clover
and McMurdo Silvers (not forgetting the occassional Midwest). The John Howes collection and archive.
30 On first looking into Rider's Manuals
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
American service manuals
32 Resurrection and other lost causes
Mike Izycky
Restoring the McMichael 382
39 Living in the past
Clive Hooley