BVWS Bulletin Volume 25, Number 1 (Spring 2000)

BVWS BulletinVolume 25, Number 1 (Spring 2000)

Front cover:  WWII spy set
Back cover:  Mint condition Gammages set

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Rare 'finds' to be shown at NVCF
6 Profile of a busy man
John Holloway
An interview with Ralph Barrett
9 "The Saga of Marconi Osram Valves"
George Jessop Barry Wyse
The inter-war years - the start of public broadcasting, 1920-1939
19 Book Review
Jeffrey Borinsky
The Inventor of Stereo: The Life and Works of Alan Dower Blumlein by Robert Charles Alexander
20 Henry Jackson, Pioneer of Wireless Comminication
A. R. Constable
25 Repair of an Aerodyne 302
Gary Tempest
26 Revinishing Wooden Radio Cabinets
Gary Tempest
31 Buffing up the Bakelite
Andy Emmerson
32 405-line television goes North
Terry Martini
33 Book Review
Tony Constable
The History of GEC and Marconi Osram Valve by Fin Stewart
36 Some courses I have attended
Bill Smith
37 Book Review
David Read
Classics of Communication by Fons Vanden Berghen