BVWS Bulletin Volume 25, Number 2 (Summer 2000)

BVWS BulletinVolume 25, Number 2 (Summer 2000)

Front and back covers:  Zenith 'Owl Eye' transistor portable radio

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Just shout your name
Jonathan Hill
or how to buy a Marconi coherer
6 Wireless and the Web
Robert Chesters
9 The Broken Tuning Scale
Bill Milne
10 Confessions of a wireless fiend
Paul Stewart
13 'On The Air' Broadcasting Museum to close BBC to purchase the collection for the Nation
14 Zenith Owl Eyes
Jim Duckworth
The life and times of the worlds longest running and most successful pocket radio family
20 About the French TM-valve
Fons Van Bergen
The forerunner of the R-valve
24 The First Public Demonstration of Radio Telegraphy
J Patrick Wilson
31 News from Harpenden
32 NVCF2000
Photos by Jonathan Hill