BVWS Bulletin Volume 25, Number 3 (Autumn 2000)

BVWS BulletinVolume 25, Number 3 (Autumn 2000)

Front and back covers:  The RGD B2351T television

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 405 line television, The RGD B2351T
Terry Martini
10 Generating an alternative medium wave programme source
Nick Sparkes
Transistor modulator circuit
15 Where did valves go during the War daddy?
Anthony Hopwood
16 2001 - the Gecophone challenge
Chan Sundaram
17 Book Review
Tim Wander
Marconi on the Isle of Wight by Tim Wander
18 Marconi Osram Valve - extracts from "The Saga of Marconi Osram Valves" part 3
George Jessop and Barry Vyse
The war years and the aftermath, 1939-1958 "necessity" becomes the mother of invention
26 Television Made Easier 1960s booklet
27 Canine Encounters
Bill Smith
28 The poor man's guide to amateur radio
Harry Woodhouse, G3MFW
30 John Bailey, 1938 Alexandra Palace and the BBC
John Holloway
33 Restoring Baird's Image About the book and the author
36 Corrections to BVWS Bulletin volume 25 number 2, pages 14-19 Zenith 'Owl Eyes' article
36 Portishead station bows out in style