BVWS Bulletin Volume 26, Number 2 (Summer 2001)

BVWS BulletinVolume 26, Number 2 (Summer 2001)

Front cover:  National Wireless & Electric Co. Gnat (1924)
Back cover:  Ekco AD65 in green urea formaldehyde

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Message Received - Signal Hill
Anthony Constable
Detectors of a bygone age
12 Picking up the pieces
Graham Dawson
The Ekco B53 battery receiver
14 Electrolytic Myths
Andrew Emmerson
Despite the vital role these capacitors play, many collectors have no idea how to handle them
16 Crystal gazing
Ian Sanders
18 The BVWS at the NEC
Jonathan Hill
23 Back On The Air Reopening of Steve Harris' shop in new premises near Chester
24 The Tube and either side of it
Mike Donchue
25 Book Review
Rod Burman
Marconi's Atlantic Leap
25 Book Review
Jeffrey Borinsky
The life and times of Alan Dower Blumlein by Russell Burns
25 Book Review
Robert Chesters
Electronic Classics - Collecting, Restoration and Repair by Andrew Emmerson
26 Installing aerials and earths - a forgotten skill?
Ian Liston-Smith
28 Novelty Radios
Chris and Angela Davies
30 An Invisible Repair
John Clappison
Green KB FB10
32 Aerial Erectors
Bill Smith
33 An 'All Electric' company makes battery history
Robert Chesters