BVWS Bulletin Volume 26, Number 4 (Winter 2001)

BVWS BulletinVolume 26, Number 4 (Winter 2001)

Front cover:  Zenith 5R 312 'Beehive' set
Back cover:  AWA Radiolette in jade green urea formaldehyde

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Restoring a Philco 444 People's Set
Collin Boggis
6 Mechanical Television - was it really like this?
7 Valve Testers
Denis Tabor
16 Wireless Workshop Day - An Attendee's Review
John R Sully
Gerrald Wells' wireless repair workshops at the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum
18 Bernard Wilkie recalls his first visit to the BBC's Lime Grove
Bernard Wilkie
20 Mending a Beehive
Gary Tempest
Zenith Model 5-R-312
24 Radio Reps
Bill Smith
26 A Golden ST300
Peter Kyne
John Scott-Taggart ST300
32 An Honourable Obsession
David East
A surgeon looks at TV servicing in the 1960's
36 In search of the great cathederal...
Steve Sideway
40 For the man who has everything - part 2
Jim Duckworth
Zenith Transoceanic 1000 versus Philco T9 Trans-World
46 'The Radio Salon' Watford images from my collection
Dave Newman
48 Baird press demonstration 1929
Dave Newman
51 Book Review
Fons Vanden Berghen
History of Telegraphy by Ken Beauchamp
52 Images from the National Vintage Communications Fair Sunday 23rd November
Terry Martini
54 Unusual Scanning Devices
Ray Herbert
Alternatives to the Nipkow scanning disk and mirror drum
56 A nineteen-twenties Ducretet superhet converter
Ian Higginbottom
57 Book Review
Jonathan Hill
Tickling the Crystal by Ian L Sanders
58 Exteaction from 'Obsession'
Gerry Wells