BVWS Bulletin Volume 27, Number 2 (Summer 2002)

BVWS BulletinVolume 27, Number 2 (Summer 2002)

Front cover:  Bush TV22A
Back cover:  Rear of Bush TV22A

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 An Emerson midget re-born
Colin Boggis
7 A Jubilee item
Dicky Howett
8 Safety First! and a leaky DAC
Gary Tempest
Bush DAC90A
10 Pictures from the Harpenden Auction and AGM 2002
11 Communication Problems
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
Marconi CR100 communications set
12 British Television Aerial Reconnaissance: The first ten years - Part 1
Adrian Hills
15 The Joy of Sets
Mick Moloney
Ordinary sets - extraordinary pleasure
16 The Tomb of the Cybermen - BBC DVD
Steve Roberts
Restoration of a once lost Doctor Who television programme from the 'Golden Age'
17 Lash-up TV saves wartime Leningrad
Eric Westman
18 10th Audiojumble a great success
John Howes
20 The Jewel radio
Gerald Wells
25 A substitute for Double Ended Screened Grid Valves
Peter Kyne
30 Puppy Training
John Holloway and Bill Milne
Restoration of a KB Pup
33 My friend Harry
Bill Smith
35 From Crystal Sets to 405 Line Televisions - Part 1
C S Garnett
40 Loudspeaker Cone Repair
Ian Liston-Smith
41 A state of Flux
Anode Current
41 Book Review: Ferranti, A History by John F Wilson