BVWS Bulletin Volume 27, Number 4 (Winter 2002)

BVWS BulletinVolume 27, Number 4 (Winter 2002)

Front and back covers:  Marconi Mk 3 Image Orthicon monochrome television camera

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 The Adey 'Baby' Portable
Geoffrey Dixon Nuttall
6 A seat in the TV box
Dicky Howett
Recalling the television theatres
7 Hancock's Lost Half Hour
8 Ferranti Arcadia, 1933
Gary Tempest
13 More loudspeaker repair
Harry Woodhouse, G3MWF
14 For "E's" a jolly good radio
R J Grant
Restoration of a Pye Model E "Starburst" radio
18 Images from September NVCF
Carl Glover
21 Cover Story
Dicky Howlett
Marconi Mk 3 Image Orthicon monochrome television camera
22 P.G.A.H. Voigt - An Anniversary
Geoffrey Horn
26 British Television Aerial Reconnaissance: The first ten years - Part 2
Adrian Hill
28 Coronation Introduction
31 An Echo of an Ekco
R J Grant
Green Ekco AD65
32 Telerecording on 9.5mm Film!
Bernard King
34 The Trouble with Coils
Harold Peters
'Our Dutch friends know (nearly) all the answers!'
35 The Gecophone BC something or other... Better known as the 'Portable Screened 4'
R J Grant
Restoration of a GEC BC3045R
40 Baird's Legacy
Andrew Henderson
44 DVD Review: ArchiveTelevision re-born in a Digital age
52 From Crystal Sets to 405 Line Televisions - Part 2
C S Garnett