BVWS Bulletin Volume 28, Number 1 (Spring 2003)

BVWS BulletinVolume 28, Number 1 (Spring 2003)

Front cover:  Meccano Crystal Set
Back cover:  Meccano Crystal Set Box

Page Title Summary/Notes
3 NVCF: Statement from the BVWS committee Information about the purchase of the NVCF from Jonathan Hill by the BVWS
4 Not a set for the Volk
John Holloway and Bill Milne
Mende MS216W restoration
7 Sir Oliver Lodge, Britain's Marconi
Dr Colin Sumner
8 A Small Boyhood Ambition
Peter Kayne
RCS Products 1 Valve SW Radio
13 Six of the Best at Stourbridge Kaleidoscope classic television events
14 Walt Disney's Television Treasures
Andrew Henderson
Opening the lid on some forgotten gems
16 Back to the junkyard: Re-visiting "Steptoe and Son"
Andrew Henderson
New BBC book
18 The Ecko AC86 or "Dougal"
Gerald Wells
20 Pye quality radio sets of the late 1930's
Andrew Denton
22 Radio Normandy - the station that shook the BBC
Eric Westman
28 British Television Aerial Reconnaissance: Trials and Tribulations - Part 3
Dr Adrian Hills
31 J.L.B.
Andrew Henderson
Review of documentary about John Logie Baird
32 'Lets Murder 4:3'
Andrew Henderson
Disturbing new concept in wodescreen television
34 Film in TV
Dicky Howlett
Tracing the interaction of film with the development of video
35 A visit to Gerry
Eric Godley
Visit to the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum
36 Bandpass Filters
Gery Tempest
44 Recent Sightings
Andrew Henderson
Brief book reviews