BVWS Bulletin Volume 28, Number 4 (Winter 2003)

BVWS BulletinVolume 28, Number 4 (Winter 2003)

Front cover:  Murphy V136C
Back cover:  Murphy A124

Page Title Summary/Notes
3 Book review: "The man who changed everything" by Basil Mahon
Tony Constable
Maxwell biography
4 The RGD 925 from 1936/7
Gary Tempest
7 75th Anniversary of Transatlantic Television
Andrew Henderson
11 Obituary: Dr Desmond Thackeray 1926-2003
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
12 The Ekco AC97 alias... The Cyclops
R J Grant
18 Harpenden, September 2003
Photos by Carl Glover
20 The General Electric 805A
Henry Irwin
23 Rusty Razorblade and Pencil-Lead radio receivers
Brian Slade
WW2 crystal sets
24 You can't get it right every time!
Duncan Leece
The story of the Jonell radio
26 Building Archaic Radio Replicas
Phil Rosen
29 Ekco PT378
Paul Stenning
30 Television graphics of the 405-line era
Ian Liston-Smith
32 Images from September NVCF
Photos by Carl Clover
36 The Darlington 2
Gerald Wells
38 Images from October Southborough
Photos by Carl Clover
40 Saving a Bush DAC90A
Ian Liston-Smith
44 The Empress Strikes Back - The Dynatron E2018W
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
48 Wireless and the Art of Magic - Part 1
Graeme Bartram
A reappraisal of Nevil Maskelyne and his contribution to wireless telegraphy