BVWS Bulletin Volume 2, Number 2 (September 1977)

BVWS BulletinVolume 2, Number 2 (September 1977)

Front cover:  A B.T.H two valve receiver of 1926.

Page Title Summary/Notes
18 Wireless Moments in Great Britain.
I. E. Higginbottom
A list of monuments related to wireless history.
19 Nickel Plating.
A. R. Constable
A guide to nickel plating.
21 The First Dutch Valve Again – The IDZ.
Frans Driesens
The first Dutch valves, made at the Pope Lamp Factory to a design by L. J. Bal.
22 Effect of Filament Rheostat.
Philip Beckley
Why such a rheostat was necessary in early receivers.
25 The B.T.H. Company – A Brief History.
A. R. Constable
Early history, from the company's formation in 1896 through to the mid-1920's.
30 Electrolytic Capacitors Further Explored.
Frans Driesens
How an electrolytic capacitor works, as described by a Philips engineer who worked on them.
32 Wing-Commander Wells Coates – A Memoir.
D. W. P.Grey
Meetings with Wells Coates who designed many of the cabinets used by Ekco such as their round sets.