BVWS Bulletin Volume 30, Number 3 (Autumn 2005)

BVWS BulletinVolume 30, Number 3 (Autumn 2005)

Front cover:  Jay Gee Crystal Set, 1924
Back cover:  RI (Longwave Model) Crystal Set, 1924

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Notable Advance in Valve Manufacturing Techniques 1925
10 Ray Herbert: A Life
Don McClean
11 A Dynatron 'Special'
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
12 Preserving Yesterday for Tomorrow
Dicky Howlett
Visit to Scotland's Museum Of Communication
14 Repairs to a Pye Baby Q
Robert Clarke
16 Gerry Wells' Garden Party June 2005
Photos by Carl Glover
18 Notes from the past, an unofficial history of broadcast television - part 3
John Holloway
The end of the beginning
22 Images from the NVCF May 2005
Photos by Terry Martini, Jeremy Day and Malcolm Everiss
24 Special Operations Executive - The B2 Spy Set
Ken Brooks G3XSJ
28 Thinking about Crystal Sets
L Williams
32 Images from Harpenden June 2005
Photos by Carl Glover
36 A brief resume of British (and several overseas) finished goods and component manufacturers - part 6
Dave Hazell
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