BVWS Bulletin Volume 30, Number 4 (Winter 2005)

BVWS BulletinVolume 30, Number 4 (Winter 2005)

Front and back covers:  Various AWA Radiolettes

Page Title Summary/Notes
3 BVWS Events Diary Changes for 2006
4 A Round Wreck! - Restoring an AC76
Matt Spanner
8 Murphy Radio employees Reunion, 3rd June 2005
John R Sully
10 Harpenden, September 2005
Photos by Carl Glover
13 Table Top Sale at the Vintage Wireless Museum, September 2005
Photos by Carl Glover
14 AWA Radiolettes Models 29 (1935) and 38 (1937)
Gary Tempest
24 So you want to build a wireless using germanium crystal triodes
Henry Irwin
31 Ray Kelly, an Obituary
Warwick Woods
32 Southborough Swapmeet, October 2005
Photos by Carl Glover
34 Lotus '3 Valve, Band Pass, AC All Electric Receiver'
Graham Dawson
36 The McMichael 387 Suitcase Portable
R J Grant
42 Perdio PR29 'Mayfair'
Paul Stenning
45 Book Review: "Communications: An International History of the Formative Years" by Russell W Burns
Anthony Constable
46 NVCF National Motorcycle Museum, October 2005
Photos by Carl Glover
51 Notes from the past, an unofficial history of broadcast television, part 4
John Holloway
Coming of age
55 Super Inductors
L L Williams
62 A brief resume of British (and several overseas) finished goods and component manufacturers - part 7
Dave Hazell
As at January 2004
72 View Halloo: Ally Pally Reprint from Punch March 16 1949