BVWS Bulletin Volume 31, Number 1 (Spring 2006)

BVWS BulletinVolume 31, Number 1 (Spring 2006)

Front cover:  Philips "local station" receiver 1931
Back cover:  Detail of Philips 588, 1934

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 "Re-Echo" crystal sets
Ian Sanders
8 Philips
Gerald Wells
12 A visit to Alexandra Palace
Peter Carlton
17 Images from Harpenden, Winter 2005
Photos by Carl Glover
18 A Quart from a Pint Pot, Part 1
Anode Current
20 Memories from my Childhood: The Telsen 3435/MV Receiver
Mike Butt
23 It pays to keep your eyes open
Dicky Howett
24 Loewe Opta 42019
Paul Stenning
26 Television comes in threes
Dicky Howett
28 Notes from the past, an unofficial history of broadcast television, part 5
John Holloway
Coming of age
32 The HMV 520
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
34 Wootton Bassett swapmeet December 2005
Photos by Mike Barker
35 Book review: Tickling the Crystal 3
Reviewed by Anthony Constable
36 A brief resume of British (and several overseas) finished goods and component manufacturers - part 8
Dave Hazell
As at January 2004