BVWS Bulletin Volume 33, Number 3 (Autumn 2008)

BVWS BulletinVolume 33, Number 3 (Autumn 2008)

Front and back covers:  Ekco AC97, 1936

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Crystal Sets and the 5XX High-Power Stations
Ian Sanders
11 The evolution of the Pye transistor portables from the Pam 710
Henry Irwin
17 Book Review: Tickling the Crystal 4" by Ian Saunders
Reviewed by David Read
18 Restoring an Ekco AC97 from 1936
Gary Tempest
26 The Pye Baby QU mains portable of 1937
Graham Dawson
29 Images from Gerry Wells' Garden Party
Photos by Carl Glover
30 Harpenden!
Photos by Carl Glover
34 A brief resume of British (and several overseas) finished goods and component manufacturers - part 18
Dave Hazell
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