BVWS Bulletin Volume 34, Number 4 (Winter 2009)

BVWS BulletinVolume 34, Number 4 (Winter 2009)

Front cover:  Brownie Crystal Set, 1923
Back cover:  Radio Rentals 588, 1936

Page Title Summary/Notes
3 Pictures from Gerry Wells' 80th Birthday Celebrations
4 History of the Brownie Wireless Company
Ian Sanders
14 70 years old and still going strong
Peter Lankshear
An Ekco with American Valves! The SW86 from 1937
20 NVCF!
Photos by Carl Glover
26 HMV Record Player model 122 from 1939
Gary Tempest
33 Brief Encounters with the EBL31
R J Grant
36 Sale of the TV Century?
Photo report by Dicky Howett
Bonhams 'Michael Bennet-Levy Early Technology Sale', 30th Sept 2009
40 Transistor History at Philips/Mullard
Arnaud Cramwinckel
Translated by Mark P D Burgess
43 AVO Wave Winder restoration
Colin Wood
46 Sailor 66T Receiver Power Supply and Speaker Unit
Stef Niewiadomski
50 Audiojumble!
Photos by Carl Glover
54 Battle survivors
Richard Shanahan
In memory of Howard Baynton
59 Rectification
Bill Williams
62 Radio and Moving Pictures on YouTube
64 Photos of Murphy Day 2009
65 'Wireless Waves' weekend at Bletchley Park
66 Bonhams TV Auction
Ken Brooks
Bonhams 'Michael Bennet-Levy Early Technology Sale', 30th Sept 2009
67 Marconi Monument at Alum Bay
John Edgar Whinney