BVWS Bulletin Volume 35, Number 1 (Spring 2010)

BVWS BulletinVolume 35, Number 1 (Spring 2010)

Front cover:  Japanese lacquered Lissen set with matching finish Philips septagonal loudspeaker circa 1930
Back cover:  Sony TR-1829 and TR-1824, 1967

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 General Television Model 534, Piano Radio, USA 1940
Gary Tempest
7 Dicky Howett writes...
8 The Heathkit Mohican
Ken Brooks G3XSJ
An innovative transistor receiver
12 A visit to Wooferton
photos by Andy Finch, Graham Gosling, Phil Marrison and Mike Barker
14 Mr Griffin goes to Germany Lawrence Griffin, designer of the KB BM20 and FB10, visit to Germany in November 1951
20 Sony Cubes and Tubes
Ian L Sanders
24 Wootton Bassett swapmeet and auction
Photos by Carl Glover
30 Valve Tester VT1
Mike Rowe
Construction project
34 French polishing for beginners
Colin Wood
36 Book Review: "Images Across Space, the electronic images of Baird Television" by Douglas Brown
Review by Malcolm Baird
A useful perspective on John Logie Baird
37 George Hunt, his role in wireless
Stuart Biellik
42 Gordon Elf Cameo ABX
Richard Allen