BVWS Bulletin Volume 35, Number 4 (Winter 2010)

BVWS BulletinVolume 35, Number 4 (Winter 2010)

Front cover:  Regency TR1 in black
Back cover:  Regency TR1 in red

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Mann, Egerton & Company Ltd
Ian L. Sanders, Lorne Clark and Chris Simmonds
7 Griptons Radio Stores, a new addition to the Black Country Living Museum
Photos by Mike Barker
8 Recreating a Dinosaur
Peter Lankshear
McMichael Super-heterodyme receiver
14 NVCF, May 9th 2010
Photos by Carl Glover
18 HW Sullivan Ltd, Electrical, Telegraph and Radio Engineers
J Patrick Wilson
30 R1155: Give us the tools and we'll finish the job
Roger Grant
39 The Acme Production Company
Ian L. Sanders, Lorne Clark and Chris Simmonds
From Nakers to Wireless Engineers
42 Regency TR-1
Jim Duckworth
Servicing the world's first transistor radio and building a battery for it
48 Variations on a theme: The Bush MB60 family
Robert Darwent
51 About the new BVWS DVD
Terry Martini
52 Audiojumble 10/10/2010
Photos by Carl Glover
54 The BTR VR3 Form CA Radio
Brian Stanfield
56 Memories of a Pye 'Twintriple'
Henry Irwin
57 Dainty Dinah's Wireless Cards
Ian L. Sanders
60 Harpenden 17/10/2010
Photos by Carl Glover
62 Restoring a Philco 84B cabinet
Colin Wood
64 Miniature Coil Winder
Colin Wood
65 Making Dials, more posibilities
Tony Jordan
69 'Morch' Ado About... Phone Numbers
Tony Clayden