BVWS Bulletin Volume 37, Number 1 (Spring 2012)

BVWS BulletinVolume 37, Number 1 (Spring 2012)

Front and back covers:  French LMT Type 1840

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Television, 75 years after Alexandra Palace
Malcolm Baird
7 Goldbourne Swapmeet
Photos by Mike Barker
8 The Emor Globe
Roger Grant
14 The wireless telegraph cabin on the SS Minnetonka, 1904
John Liffen
15 Reopening of the Radio Room at Seaford Museum
16 Single Span revisited
Bill Williams
20 The Single Span: or Smurthwaite's Mistake
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
Reprinted from Winter 1996
21 The Twin-Triode Transistor, the first Integrated Circuit?
Stef Niewiadomski
22 The British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum
John Thompson, photos by Carl Glover
28 Gecophone Stork Loudspeaker 1929
Gary Tempest
32 FM Broadcasting in 1948
Stef Niewiadomski
39 Obituary: Professor Russell Burns
42 Pictures from Wootton Bassett
Photos by Lorne Clarke