BVWS Bulletin Volume 37, Number 2 (Summer 2012)

BVWS BulletinVolume 37, Number 2 (Summer 2012)

Front and back covers:  A selection of British Crystal Sets

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 An SH25 Reborn
Matt Spanner
Ekco SH25 restoration
11 Audiojumble!
Photos by Carl Glover
14 The Mullard MBS7
Roger Grant
19 Spring Harpenden
Photos by Carl Glover
22 Restoring a Dencosette Radio
Stef Niewiadomski
Possibly a DR22
28 A date with a Debutante, the Decca TP75
Henry Irwin
32 Royal visit to British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum
Photos by Carl Glover
Thursday 15th March 2012, by the Duke of York and the Mayor of London
34 Restoring a Vernier Dial for an HMV 650
Gary Tempest
Also Marconi 561 and other variants
36 A Mains Power Supply for Eddystone Compact Transistor Receivers
Stef Niewiadomski
40 End Piece David Hall installation bids farewell to analogue broadcasting
41 Rolls Royce Radio
Eliot Levin
Harvard H-19 novelty transistor radio based on the Phantom II
42 Book review: "A Radiophone in Every Home" by Ian L Sanders and Lorne Clark
Reviewed by Steve Harris
43 Joker in the Pack
John Holloway