BVWS Bulletin Volume 37, Number 3 (Autumn 2012)

BVWS BulletinVolume 37, Number 3 (Autumn 2012)

Front and back covers:  A selection of Ekco and Ekco manufactured Radio Rentals sets

Page Title Summary/Notes
3 Dispelling a stereotype
Book review by Malcolm Baird
The three dimensions of John Logie Baird
4 Another HMV Record Player, Model 122, from 1939
Gary Tempest
7 Reproduction Radio Batteries
Robert Darwent
10 NVCF!
Photos by Lorne Clark
14 The Eddystone 870 and 870A Receivers
Stef Niewiadomski
21 The £64,900 Enigma Enigma ciphering machine sold in auction in Germany on 26 May 2012
22 Garden Party
Photos by Carl Glover
June 9th at the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum
24 Replica Ekco A22T (A22 export model)
Robert Darwent
34 The Champion Model 881
Peter Nash
36 Another McMichael seven valve supersonic heterodyne receiver
Gary Temptest
38 Harpenden, June 10th
Photos by Carl Glover
40 1001 TVs revisited
Jeffrey Borinsky
David Hall's "End Piece" art installation for the ebd of analogye broadcasting from Crystal Palace
42 An Emerson 838 for 20p
Stef Niewiadomski