BVWS Bulletin Volume 39, Number 4 (Winter 2014)

BVWS BulletinVolume 39, Number 4 (Winter 2014)

Front and back covers:  Murphy radios from the Deventry room at the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 The Ekco AD38
Jeremy Day
9 Restoration Heaven - The BSR PA20 amplifier
Terry Martini-Yates
15 RCA;s second transistor radio, the 8BT10K
Henry Irwin
20 Punnets Town meeting
Photos by Greg Hewitt
22 R1155: modification one step beyond
Roger Grant
26 Decca Prestomatic PT/AC
John Sully
30 How do they work? 6: Frequency measurement & wavemeters
J Patrick Wilson
42 Book Review: "Decoradio: the most beautiful radios ever made" by Peter Sheridan
Reviewed by Carl Glover
43 Pictures from Royal Wootton Bassett
Photos by Gred Hewitt
44 An Emstonette three valve 'short' superhet radio - a wallflower waiting to bloom
Stef Niewiadomski
Made by Champion
50 New Information Age gallery opens in The Science Museum
Photos by Carl Glover
52 A first generation British receiver with Screened-Grid valve
Robert Lozier
The 1928 Solodyne (a conservation/restoration project of 2014)