BVWS Bulletin Volume 3, Number 3 (December 1978)

BVWS BulletinVolume 3, Number 3 (December 1978)

Front cover:  The C.A.V. Baby Grand 3-valve receiver made in 1926.

Page Title Summary/Notes
34 CAV.
The History of C.A.Vandervell & Co. Ltd.
36 The Search for a Top-Pip Emitter Part 2.
Philip Beckley
Modifying a manometer valve as a replacement for early triodes.
38 How to Find a Burndept Superhet.
Alan Gates
The Burndept Ethodyne of 1927, including schematic.
46 The Filadyne.
J. A. Williams et al.
Comments on using a triode as a diode detector.