BVWS Bulletin Volume 41, Number 4 (Winter 2016)

BVWS BulletinVolume 41, Number 4 (Winter 2016)

Front and back covers:  Red Hacker VHF Herald

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 The BVWS at 40, a look back at some highlights
Lorne Clark
8 Royal Wootton Bassett Special Auction, October 9th 2016
Photos by Greg Hewitt
10 British transistor manufacturers in the 1950s
Stef Niewladomski
23 A Nostalgic Project
Peter Lankshear
AM TRF radio
26 National Vintage Communications Fair, May 15th 2016
Photos by Alex Hewitt
31 Baird period advertisement T28 and T24 Televisions
32 Ultra period advertisement T40AW Television
33 Celebrating 80 years of BBC high definition television at Alexandra Palace
Mike Barker
20th November 2016
35 Television 80th Anniversary Event at the BVW&TM, 10th September 2016
Photos by Greg Hewitt
39 Television comes back to London
Mike Barker
Bush TV22 Restoration
41 Valve Audio - The Lumley 'Reference LR120' power amplifiers
Martyn Bennett
46 The View Master kit television
Roger Grant
52 Michael Bennett-Levy - October 1946 to September 2016
An appreciation by Malcolm Baird
53 Audiojumble 1st October 2016
Photos by Carl Glover and Mike Barker