BVWS Bulletin Volume 42, Number 4 (Winter 2017)

BVWS BulletinVolume 42, Number 4 (Winter 2017)

Front and back covers:  Sony KV1310UB Portable, Decca 60 and Philips 21KX102A

Page Title Summary/Notes
5 The Chakophone Junior Two radio
Stef Niewiadomski
9 Building a Pulse Counting FM tuner
David Smith
14 A tale of three DACs
Scott Elliot
Three DAC90A's
18 Audiojumble, September 2017
Photos by Carl Glover
20 Restoration heaven - the Ferrograph series 420 stereo tape recorder
Terry Martini-Yates
34 Pre-amplifiers for single valve record players
Alex Caisey
36 Murphy Day, September 2017
Photos by Greg Hewitt
38 Restoration of a Zenith 7-A-28A from 1936
Gary Tempest
46 50 years of UK colour television, celebrated with the restoration of a BRC/Thorn 2000
Stephen Niechcial
49 Harpenden, September 2017
Photos by Carl Glover
50 The Theremin
Evan Murfett
52 Golborne, November 2017
Photos by Greg Hewitt
53 Murphy Colour Television, but you can't buy one!
Mike Barker