BVWS Bulletin Volume 44, Number 4 (Winter 2019)

BVWS BulletinVolume 44, Number 4 (Winter 2019)

Front and back covers:  Murphy A272C, 1956. Sold through Harrods with unique Chinoiserei with raised Dragons finish.

Page Title Summary/Notes
6 Marconi Flexible Receiver
Ray Robinson
Made by M.W.T.Co in 1914
10 Murphy Day 2019
Photos by Mike Barker
11 Television reception i Britain 1942 - 1944
Andrew Emmerson
12 Restoring a Miniradios 'Pixie' radio
Stef Niewiadomski
17 An early colour TV alignment generator RCA WR-L64A
Graham Dawson
21 Gecophone 1922 to 1925 Part 5 - Accessories
Evan Murfett
24 Reno Nevada to Swindon Wilts, the tale of a Hallicrafters Model S38
Jeremy Flutter
The secondary heading here could be 'Beginners and Improver's Corner' and I shall explain...
28 Carry on Trucking
Jeffrey Borinsky
TV outside broadcast trucks restored by the Broadcast Engineering Conservation Group (BECG)
34 VHF FM radio, the hard way!
Andy Palmer
42 Golborne, November 2019
Photos by Greg Hewitt
43 The Mullard 5-10 Valve Amplifier
John Howes
46 Early Radio Days, Home construction and the Matchbox Radio revisited
Jim Duckworth
52 Audiojumble, October 2019
Photos by Carl Glover
54 A visit to the Pye Exhibition
Greg Hewitt
56 Harpenden, September 2019
Photos by Greg Hewitt