BVWS Bulletin Volume 45, Number 2 (Summer 2020)

BVWS BulletinVolume 45, Number 2 (Summer 2020)

Front and back covers:  Ekco AD65 on original stand

Page Title Summary/Notes
6 Your 2019 wrist radio is here!
Jim Duckworth
8 The restoration of a Philips 753 motor tuned radio, Part 2
Gary Tempest
14 Harpenden AGM, March 2020
Photos by David Higginson
16 Push-Pull Output Stages in Radios, Part 2
Stef Niewiadomski
QPP pentodes, tetrodes, to the end of valves
26 Book review of 'Wireless Without Worry'
David Higginson
27 A Transforming Experience
Peter Lankshear
Transformer replacement in a Heathkit C-3U R-C Bridge
29 The Centenary of British radio broadcasting
Tim Wander
Dame Nellie Melba sings!
34 An early interest in radios
Graham Dawson
36 1924 Gecophone BC3300 - the ‘Holey’ Grail!
Evan Murfett
41 Miss Goodwin’s celluloid accumulator
Roger Grant
Creating a modern reproduction accumulator
46 The I.F.F. ‘Responsor’ receiver ZC893
Andy Palmer
55 Awards
Awarded to Colin McLaughlin and Graham Gosling