BVWS Bulletin Volume 45, Number 4 (Winter 2020)

BVWS BulletinVolume 45, Number 4 (Winter 2020)

Front and back covers:  Zenith 5-A-127 export version (1938)

Page Title Summary/Notes
5 A tale of two personal portables, Part 1 - the RCA BP-10
Jim Duckworth
10 The 'Liminode' Battery Eliminator / H.T. unit
Andy Palmer
16 Fixing a Perdio Portarama
Roger Grant
Getting to grips with an early transistor TV
25 Miniradios Pixie Superhet radio & intercom
Stef Niewiadomski
31 BBC Engineering Training Manual
Dave Niewiadomski
36 Pamphonic Reproducers Limited, The pre-war years
Jeremy Owen
40 Long live Vivat!
Jeffrey Borinsky & Paul Marshall
Re-creation of an OB truck as used for the Queen's Coronation by the Broadcast Engineering Conservation Group (BECG)
46 My route to radio
Scott Elliot
D5B One Valver radio kit
49 Second repair of Wellbrook ALA1530 Mag Loop Aerial
Gary Tempest
51 Use it or loose it!
Richard Shanahan
52 Constitution of the British Vintage Wireless Society
Revised December 2020