BVWS Bulletin Volume 46, Number 2 (Summer 2021)

BVWS BulletinVolume 46, Number 2 (Summer 2021)

Front and back covers:  Ekco TMB 272 - 1956

Page Title Summary/Notes
5 An interest in valves
Graham Dawson
6 Ghosts in the transmitter room?
Tim Wander
7 The Burndept 241 - 3-valve suitcase radio c. 1934
Roger Grant
13 P5 - The power of television
Richard Harris & Jeff Borinsky
Outside broadcast power van
15 Restoring a Bestone Little Corporal American midget radio
Stef Niewiadomski
21 Use it or lsoe it: part 2
Richard Shanahan
24 Baby National
Roy Hicks
26 An apprentice's journey, The restoration of a Marconi 633W broadcast receiver
Don Foster
31 A Great British Railway Journey to Sandford Mill?
Tim Wander
Filming of BBC 'Great British Railway Journeys' presented by Michael Portillo
34 The Yellow Peril - restoring a Derwent TV1
Matt Spanner
44 A tale of two Personal Portables part 2 - The HMV (NZ) 484P 'Princess'
Jim Duckworth
48 The Gerry Wells 625 line receiver
Stephen Niechcial
53 Encounters with Mullard High Speed testers
David Bryant
Mullard high speed valve testers
57 John Logie Baird comemorative 50 pence coin