BVWS Bulletin Volume 46, Number 4 (Winter 2021)

BVWS BulletinVolume 46, Number 4 (Winter 2021)

Front and back covers:  Recently restored Citreon XM Estate, the last vehicle the BBC used with a real person on top

Page Title Summary/Notes
5 Restoration of a General Electrical Radio Mighty Midget chassis
Stef Niewiadomski
Also covers legal action against the company by GEC
12 A 78 Revolution
David Evans
17 The Curious World of Oddball Amplifiers: The Sterns High Quality 8-10 Watt Amplifier
Terry Bateman
27 RetroTechUK 2021
Photos by Alex Hewitt
34 Timing and Synchronisation in Television Broadcast Systems: Part 1
Richard Ellis
42 Golborne Swapmeet, November 2021
Photos by Greg Hewitt
44 Restoring a Philco 444, whiling away the winter lockdown
Roger Grant
51 A lession in compact design
Roy Hicks
Airline 04BR-511A by Montgomery Ward Corporation USA
55 BVWS Awards Duncan Neale award from preservation excellence to Brian Summers for his work on the MCR21 outside broadcast scanner
55 Remembering Mike Edwards
Dave Church
Also known as "Crackle" on the vintage radio forums
57 Mike Hill, 16 May 2928 - 11 October 2021
Jon Weller