BVWS Bulletin Volume 48, Number 4 (Winter 2023)

BVWS BulletinVolume 48, Number 4 (Winter 2023)

Front and back covers:  An arrangement of Pye and Pam radios

Page Title Summary/Notes
6 The MiniMod Mk2
Ian Liston-Smith
With a contribution from Peter Matthews
11 Radio Manufacturers of Leeds: Part 5
John Whitaker
Alan Franklyn and Pegasus Ltd
14 A rare find, GEC BC1650 transistor radio
John Clappison
16 Punnetts Town, August 2023
Photos by Greg Hewitt
18 Broadcasr Engineering Museum Heritage Open Days, September 2023
Jeffrey Borinsky
21 Rapid evolution of the FM portable radio in the early Sixties
Chris Morris
26 The KT 340 Saga
Tony Shaw
1965 Lafayette communications receiver
32 Biggleswade, September 2023
Photos by Alex Hewitt and David Higginson
38 The Curious World of Oddball Amplifiers: Tripletone Convertable
Terry Bateman
58 A display of original Philips publicity artwork
Courtesy of Bob Smallbone
60 At the Museum Updates from the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum
61 Golborne, October 2023
Photos by Greg Hewitt
64 Mike Burgess, A life remembered, 1948-2023
Terry Martini-Yates