BVWS Bulletin Volume 4, Number 1 (June 1979)

BVWS BulletinVolume 4, Number 1 (June 1979)

Front cover:  The Wireless World 'Everyman Four' of 1926.

Page Title Summary/Notes
2 The Everyman Four
Ian Higginbottom
Description and schematic of this 1926 receiver.
4 Major Edwin Howard Armstrong. Inventor of many vital circuits still in use today.
7 Repair of Marconi-Sterling Grid Leaks..
Philip Beckley
Fitting modern resistors within 1920's high value resistors.
10 New Zealand – The Early Days.
Arthur Williams
Early Wireless in New Zealand, including Wellington's first transmitting station.
11 The Search for a Top-Pip Emitter Part 4.
Philip Beckley
Reproducing early French valves.
18 The Licence Problem.
Ian Higginbottom
The lack of provision for home-made sets in the original broadcasting legislation of 1922.