BVWS Bulletin Volume 4, Number 4 (March 1980)

BVWS BulletinVolume 4, Number 4 (March 1980)

Front cover:  A Burndept tuner and four valve receiver with a Sterling 'Primax' speaker of 1923/24.

Page Title Summary/Notes
50 The H.T. Current Economiser.
Phil Beckley
The use of a grid bias battery to reduce HT current consumption.
51 A Vest Pocket Receiving Set.
Jon Hill
A request for information on a receiver built into a matchbox.
52 The Novelty Radio.
Albert Noble
Novelty designs and features in radios from the 1920's onwards, including a list of U.K. Novelty sets of the 1970's and 1980's.
56 Burnham & Co.
A. R. Constable
A company history, from manufacturing metal signs to manufacturing wireless receivers.
58 Brookmans Park Transmitting Station.
Alan Carter
A history of the first broadcasting station to provide a two-programme service.
61 Loudspeakers Part 2.
David Read
Lumiere's pleated style of loudspeaker diaphragm