BVWS Bulletin Volume 5, Number 2 (September 1980)

BVWS BulletinVolume 5, Number 2 (September 1980)

Front cover:  The crystal receivers of the Brownie Wireless Company, previously called J.W.B. Wireless.

Page Title Summary/Notes
18 Biased In Favour of Stability Part 1.
Phil Beckley
Stabilising triode H.F. Amplifiers (next part in V5N4).
21 British Wireless Magazines, Pre-1939.
Mike Kemp
A list of publications with dates, publishers and prices.
24 Fun With A Fellows 'Little Giant 3'.
Basil van der Syde
Details and restoration of a 1927 receiver, including schematic.
27 The C.A.V. 'Baby Grand'.
Receiver schematic.
31 Loudspeakers Part 4.
David Read
Loudspeaker designs that got nowhere, including a water driven speaker.