BVWS Bulletin Volume 5, Number 3 (December 1980)

BVWS BulletinVolume 5, Number 3 (December 1980)

Front cover:  Four Avometers from the period 1934-1936.

Page Title Summary/Notes
33 The Thoriated Tungsten Filament.
Ian Higginbottom
The development of “dull emitter” filaments, their uses and rejuvenation. Includes a list of dull emitter valves.
37 Restoring Amplion Horn Speakers With A Black Crackle Finish.
Alan T. Shaw
Restoring the finish on early aluminium horns.
38 Biased In Favour of Stability Part 2.
Philip Beckley
The low frequency stages (previous part in V5N2).