BVWS Bulletin Volume 6, Number 2 (September 1981)

BVWS BulletinVolume 6, Number 2 (September 1981)

Front cover:  A 1926 Ducretet five valve superhet.

Page Title Summary/Notes
18 A 1920's Superhet – French Style.
Ian E. Higginbottom
The Ducretet 5 valve 'supermodula' receiver, an early example of a self-oscillating mixer circuit.Includes schematic.
21 Sullivan Wavemeter No.54.
A. R. Constable
Schematic and description of a circa World War 1 wavemeter.
24 The Ekco SW86 Receiver.
Arthur R.Williams
An export model for the New Zealand market.
28 Walters Valve/Crystal Receiver, 1923.
D. P. Leggatt
The “Wemco” No.1 set manufactured by Walters Electrical Manufacturing Co. Ltd. In 1923.