BVWS Bulletin Volume 8, Number 4 (April 1984)

BVWS BulletinVolume 8, Number 4 (April 1984)

Front cover:  The tuning mechanism of a Philips 634A “Ovaltini” receiver.

Page Title Summary/Notes
67 “B.B.C.” Set – With A U.S. Touch.
Pat Leggatt
Bligh Radio/3 Mark V and Bligh Audio/2 Mark VII.
69 More On Adey.
Gordon Bussey and Robert Hawes
Further history of the firm founded by Horace Adey in 1924.
74 Some Effects Of The 1922 Reaction Regulations.
Ian Higginbottom
Corrections to previous article.
77 The Classics No.4: The Philips 634A.
G. V. Dixon-Nuttall
The classic “Ovaltini” super-inductance receiver of 1933.
81 Vintage Vision.
John Gillies
Brief introduction to the start of UK television and the first article in the Bulletin to feature television.