BVWS Bulletin Volume 9, Number 3 (December 1984)

BVWS BulletinVolume 9, Number 3 (December 1984)

Front cover:  Marconi-Riesz carbon Microphone as used by the B.B.C. From 1924 until the mid-1930s.

Page Title Summary/Notes
43 B.B.C. Microphones, 1922-1935.
David Read
The development of microphones, including the magnetophone, the “Round-Sykes” and “Marconi-Reisz”
46 An Irish Museum. The R.T.E. Museum near Dublin.
52 AF2.
Jim Forster
A brief history of the Ferranti AF2 inter-valve transformer of 1923.
56 Vintage Vision.
Ray Herbert
The early days of 30-line television.
60 Children's Hour.
Ian Hartley
The early days of radio specifically for children.