BVWS Archive

The BVWS has a vast archive of information about the Society itself, the NVCF and many other vintage technology related matters.

We are starting to sort and catalogue the information so that it can ultimately be made accessible to members, however this will be a long process and we would be grateful for your patience. As material is catalogued we will add details here.

If you have any questions about our archive or have relevant material that you feel should be included and preserved, please contact our Archivist, Lorne Clark by email to archivist (at)

405 Alive Website

When the BVWS took over 405 Alive in 2002 we also took on the related website.

However we have not had the time and resources to maintain and update it, so we have included it as part of our archive.

To visit this website please click the link below. Please be aware that this is an archived website which has not had any significant updates since 2002. Some of the information will therefore be out of date and inaccurate.

Trader Sheet Index (1973)

A few people have commented on the mediocre quality of the Trader 1975 index on the second BVWS CD-ROM (Trader sheets 801-1600). To address this, here is a good quality scan of the Trader 1973 index (which goes well beyond the sheet numbers on the CD-ROM). To save this to your hard drive, right-click the link and choose "Save target as...".