Use of the BVWS logo by members

BVWS Member LogoA number of members have asked about using the BVWS logo on their websites. Permission has been granted by the committee for this, and the logo on the right can be downloaded.

Only this version of the logo may be used. You may NOT use a version of the logo without the BVWS Member text.

The logo may not be altered in any way (other than reducing the size) without prior written permission from the BVWS Webmaster or Chairman.

To download the logo, right click on the image and select "Save picture as..." or "Save image as...". The image background is transparent and should float on of your website background regardless of the colour.

The above BVWS logo may only be used on the private websites of BVWS members. It may not be used on business websites, whether or not the business or proprietor is a member of the BVWS. The logo must not be used in any manner which suggests endorsement or affiliation of your website by the BVWS.

The logo must include a link back to