Shareholders of the British Broadcasting Company

Lorne Clark

Lorne Clark's "Shareholders of the British Broadcasting Company" opens a new windowon a particularmoment in the sequence of regulatory events that were to lead to the first public broadcasts under an experimental license in 1920, through the period of the first public license in 1922 when the limited liability Company was formed, to the eventual creation of the publically owned Corporation on January 1st 1927.

This definitive work represents a major contribution to our knowledge of the early days of broadcasting in the United Kingdom. For the first time, a comprehensive listing of all ofthe companies large and small, comprising the British Broadcasting Company - the forerunner to the British Broadcasting Corporation - has been documented.

Based on hours of painstaking research at the National Archives in Kew, and the BBC Written Archives in Caversham, Lorne Clark has compiled information that will serve as the standard reference on the subject.

This publication is published by BVWS Books and was presented free to BVWS members in 2010.