The History of the British Vintage Wireless SocietyThe History of the British Vintage Wireless Society

A personal account of the BVWS and of Radio Collecting
written and produced by Jonathan Hill

This book celebrates and records the year-by-year achievements of the BVWS from it's foundation in 1976 to it's 20th anniversary exhibition in 1996. It may be employed as a useful reference in conjunction with the Society's long-standing journal, the Bulletin, as there are numerous cross-references to this particular publication within the text.

It also contains a fascinating personal account of the history of radio collecting in Britain throughout this period with descriptions of markets, auctions, exhibitions and many other events.

Jonathan Hill has been associated with the BVWS from the beginning, having been a founder member, past Editor, Membership Secretary and Harpenden Organiser. He works as a freelance writer and publisher in Exeter.

The front and rear covers show a detailed view of a well-stocked London wireless shop, photographed by W.B. Campbell of The Press Studio in about 1924.

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