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Auction Date Description Hammer Price
8th July 2018 PYE model 25 sunrise portable, 1927, Gc. £30.00
8th July 2018 PYE model K sunrise Receiver. £40.00
3rd December 2017 PYE model MM 'sunrise' Receiver. £40.00
29th September 2013 PYE model P/AC sunrise Receiver. £45.00
29th September 2013 PYE 1930's Sunrise receiver. £28.00
7th July 2013 Pye "Twin-Triple" Sunrise Receiver. £38.00
5th December 2010 Pye model MM Sunrise fret Receiver. £45.00
6th June 2010 Pye Q sunrise fret radio, 1931, Vgc. £60.00
5th March 2006 Paramount 1920's 3 valve Batt, Sunrise grille. £45.00
6th June 2004 1920's unusual Sunrise Console Receiver. £10.00
7th March 2004 Pye model MM Sunrise, restored. £40.00
7th March 2004 Pye model P sunrise receiver. £60.00
29th June 2003 Pye Sunrise Speaker £25.00

13 lots found
Lowest price: £10.00
Highest price: £60.00
Average price: £38.92