405 Alive Issue 22 (Summer 1994)

405 Alive Issue Issue 22 (Summer 1994)
Page Title Summary/Notes
27 Scale Drawing Of An Emitron Camera. Front, side and plan views.
32 Post-War Life as an E.M.I. Television Service Engineer.
Wilton B.Smith, C.Eng
Recollections of an E.M.I. Engineer following World War 2.
35 The Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) Educational Television System, 1965-1979.
Terry Martini
A London-wide schools television service.
37 European And North American Cameras No.2.
Brian Summers
The Pye Mk.3 camera, extensively used by I.T.V. In the late 1950s.
41 Clayden's Corner.
Tony Clayden
A visit to Foley Street, hub of A.T.V.'s operations in London.
42 Addendum To 'Historic Televisions And Video Recorders' , 1st Edition 1983. Corrections and additions to the 1st publication of the book.
45 Seeing By Wireless At Last!
Watson Davis
An article from the Wireless Review, December 13th 1923.
53 How Times Change.
Michael Stott
The primitive arrangements for continuity and captions at Tyne Tees Television in the black and white era.
56 Notes And Queries: A Myth Exposed ? The B.B.C.'s Television Programme As Broadcast' note for the closing of the television service at the start of World War 2.
64 Touch-Up Artist.
Dicky Howett
A few tips on vintage camera restoration.