405 Alive Issue 23 (Late Autumn 1994)

405 Alive Issue Issue 23 (Late Autumn 1994)
Page Title Summary/Notes
19 B.B.C. Television Theatre: The First Years.
Larry Coalston
Programmes produced at the Shepard’s Bush Empire in the early 1950s.
21 A Home Distribution System.
Norman Newboult
A system for distributing multiple 405-line channels to multiple sets.
25 Television Simply Wonderful.
Dicky Howett
A visit to the Television South West studios and notes on the Westward studios.
38 Two Dual Standard Receivers for Large Audience Viewing. Televisions models 733 and 734 as used in schools.
43 The Longest Break.
Paul Murton
The story of Monday's Newcomers, an unusual programme consisting entirely of adverts but the programme itself was never advertised.
60 Post Office Involvement In War-Time TV Reception.
Andrew Emmerson
Possible involvement by the Post Office in television broadcasts during the war.
82 Period Piece from November 1959. An example schedule of morning trade transmissions.