405 Alive Issue 28 (Fourth Quarter 1995)

405 Alive Issue Issue 28 (Fourth Quarter 1995)
Page Title Summary/Notes
26 London To Brighton In Four Minutes.
Andrew Emmerson
A background to the 1952 intermission film.
32 A History of I.T.C. Some of the programmes produced by I.T.C. And acquired in 1996 by Bravo.
44 The First Real B.B.C. 'live' T.V. From the Air.
Bernard King
Although recorded as happening in 1955, the first live broadcast from the air was in fact in 1950.
48 Billy Bean And His Funny Machine.
Dennis Gifford
A children's puppet series of the early/mid 1950s.
56 Minor Miracles: Sony's First Portable T.V.s.
Enrico Tedeschi
Sony transistor portable developments of the 1960s.
61 Forty Years Of Independent Television.
Brian Renforth
A chronology of the I.T.A. Programme contractors.
67 B.B.C. Television Interludes. A listing of interlude and similar special films.