405 Alive Issue 34 (Second Quarter 1997)

405 Alive Issue Issue 34 (Second Quarter 1997)
Page Title Summary/Notes
16 Those Television Days. Includes list of British television firsts.
22 Cathode Ray Screens Fifty to Sixty Years Ago.
Dr. Richard Head
Written by a pre-war member of the Baird Company.
25 The Empire Strikes Back.
Dicky Howett
A visit to the BBC Television Theatre in the late 1950's.
27 Videotape Restoration: Where Do I Start?
Jim Lindner
How the choice is made when prioritising the restoration of video recordings.
30 Forty Years of Video Recording. Reprint of an article from Transco.
34 Eye Of The World: John Logie Baird and Television.
Malcolm H. I. Baird
An account of the Baird years from 1926 to 1946.
47 A Unique Discovery.
Doug Pit
An aluminium disc recording titled 'Television 1933'.
56 Student Boffins Show How Easy It Is To Break into Television.
Peter Gillman and Paul Eddy
Pirates interfere with normal broadcasts in Newbury and Reading.