405 Alive Issue 38 (Second Quarter 1998)

405 Alive Issue Issue 38 (Second Quarter 1998)
Page Title Summary/Notes
36 The Story of Early Television Recording.
Andrew R. Henderson
B.B.C. Television recording experiments, pre- and post-war.
45 The London Television Station.
William Cave
Article written just prior to the opening of the Lime Grove studios circa 1949.
52 HDF Part 2.
Dicky Howett
Tele-recordings by the company High Definition Films.
54 Happy Birthday to the Humble Co-Ax Plug.
David Boynes
60th anniversary of the Belling-Lee connector.
57 A Television Announcer's Day.
D. McDonald Hobley
A day in the life of a television announcer at Alexandra Palace.
59 Surviving British Pre-War TV Sets in the UK.
Robin Howells
A list of known surviving pre-war televisions in the UK.
62 A Very Colourful Time.
Dicky Howett
Early British colour television.
73 Pages From The Past. French Television, Wireless World, 13th January 1938.