405 Alive Issue 39 (Third Quarter 1998)

405 Alive Issue Issue 39 (Third Quarter 1998)
Page Title Summary/Notes
14 Letters.
John Wakely
The CRM91, CRM121 and CRM151 Mazda C.R.T.s.
29 From Our Workshop.
Tudor Gwilliam-Rees
Resistors and their habits.
31 Behind The Camera No.3: Pye-Eyed.
Dicky Howett
History of the Pye Mk.3 image orthicon television camera.
39 Ring Out The Old!
Dicky Howett
ABC Television at Didsbury.
43 Past Times.
Mark Oldridge
Some views and reviews from Practical and Amateur Wireless, 7th November 1936.
57 In The Workshop.
Tony Duell
Maintaining a Philips N1500 recorder.
61 TV Or Not TV.
Dicky Howett
Inaccuracies in television history websites.