405 Alive Issue 44 (Fourth Quarter 1999)

405 Alive Issue Issue 44 (Fourth Quarter 1999)
Page Title Summary/Notes
18 Down at Studio Five.
Dicky Howett
The history of Studio 5, the U.K.'s largest television studio.
26 The Multilingual Dutch - Or how Pye fared under Philips.
Harold Peters
The last designs at Philips Croyden, the G11 chassis.
32 Buffing Up the Bakelite.
Andy Emmerson
Restoring the appearance of bakelite.
34 Comedy Greats – Tony Hancock. Includes a Tony Hancock fact sheet and reference to the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society.
39 Where There's Smoke Part 1.
Bernard Wilkie
BBC Visual Effects.
42 Television on the Silver Screen Revisited.
Andrew Emmerson
A list of films of the 1930s that featured television.
55 In The Workshop.
Replacement Electrolytics, ESR and ripple current.
66 Resolution for the New Year. A discussion on video resolution.
73 Video Recording for 405 Lines. Some recommended VHS recorders.